“Come to Oaks Welding for Machining, Welding, or Forming Steel.”

Submerged Arc Welding

Our specialty is submerged arc welding and hard surfacing. We operate Lincoln Electric submerged arc welders with digital meters and a solid state control system. We rebuild shafts that have worn bearings or damaged threads for machining. We are known for affordable and well-built sub arc surfacing, so give us a call for a quote, and reduce your costs!

Typical rebuild jobs include undercarriage rollers, crane wheels, universal mill spindles, hot mill bearing cages, table rolls, mandrel shafts, shear rollers, hook rollers, cable guilds, torque convertor shafts, and wheel drums.


We have housed a lot of projects. From small projects people bring in from home to years to industrial types of shafts and rollers from the excavation industry. Common projects include tail pulley shafts and shells, idler shafts, chain sprockets, sprocket shafts, custom bolts, scroll augers, seal caps, splined shafts, muller spindles, roller bearings, house rollers, hook rollers, cable guilds, and torque convertor shafts.

Metal Forming

We can form many shapes! We have 3 sets of rolls and brake presses. One of which is a 700 ton press, and we have a box and pan power brake.We can make barrels, rings, transitions, channels, angles, segments, and just about anything you could need. We also stock soft and hard wear plate steel for special projects that extra strength is required.

Excavation & Mining Companies

Oak’s Welding has been servicing the northeast Ohio excavation industry for many years. We have plenty of experience obtained from a broad range of projects such as: cranes, draglines, assembly systems, welding and machining standard and metric shafts and pins.

For the mining industry we have made conveyor stands, conveyor flights, hub bushings, tail pulley shafts and shells, idler shafts, chain guards, foot pad swivels, water filter adaptors, chain sprockets, sprocket shafts, custom bolts, scroll augers, seal caps, splined shafts, backhoe buckets, round bar hooks, rock boxes, muller spindles, and so such more.

We have worked on plenty of different cranes such as Manitowoc, Link Belt, Lima, and American Cranes. We have repaired boom lacings, steel and bronze bushings, swing spur gears, boom and strut brackets for dragline fairlead, slide pin shafts, drum shafts, brackets for air cylinders, roller bearings, house rollers, hook rollers, mounting pads, cable guilds, hitch straps, torque convertor shafts, and many other parts.

Steel Mill Companies

Oak’s Welding takes pride in repairing Steel Mill Rolls. We can weld and machine roll bodies and journals. We have 3 submergered arc welding stations for weld build up on diameters of cylinders and shafts and hard surfacing. One station has capibilities of 6 ft. diameters and lengths up to 30 ft. We have welded thousands of rolls and the quality and the price of the product reflects that. We are always trying to build up diameters at our best price for the customer; so don’t hesitate to call for a quote.

Some other products include: universal mill spindles, hot mill bearing cages, splined arbor couplings, mandrel and ejector assembly, bloom mill rolls, table rolls, mandrel shafts, shear rollers, chock retainers, strip mill rolls and a lot more.

Construction Companies

If you’re a construction company in Columbiana/ Mahoning county area call Oak’s for a price on I-beams or angles for above doorways and windows. We try to keep our prices low so you can keep your cost low too. We can get all types of beam sizes and can make custom pieces for special frames. We also can supply you with rebar and built platforms to secure into concrete. And for metal parts that will be left out in the elements consider getting a quote on our aluminum or stainless steel stock.

Farmers & Individual Projects

We are always trying to do our best to help the agricultural industry keep their costs low and their equipment stronger than ever. If you name a piece of farm equipment we have probably worked on it. We have worked on feeders, spreaders, tractors, bailers, axles, disc shafts, truck beds, bushings, changing rim widths, hot water heaters, wood stoves, and anything broken. And if you need some steel, come in and take a glance around, we will always offer you our best price.

Thinking about starting a project or repairing something around the house? Come to Oak’s for your steel needs we will lead you in the right direction in what you need for your project. With plenty of steel on stock, you can come down and see what you need and how much it will cost.

Other Metal Shops

Since Oak’s purchases a large amount of steel we can offer low prices to our customers and other metal shops in the area. Also we can take on projects for others companies if they don’t have the proper equipment, or if it can be done faster with us.

We have made and repaired plenty of items in the past such as: pan conveyors, cone shapes, saddles, barrels, rings, auger shafts, bearing lock nuts, saw guards, billet bumpers, cascaded drag-out rolls, support brackets, large diameter screws, broaching rail wheels, wormed gears, pipe couplings, custom wrenches and tools, sand hoppers for core shooters, repair castings, shake out shafts, muller spindles, gussets, round segment plates, gutter assemblies, transitions, lift arm bushings, hammer bits, striker bars, tong bars, riser collars, shape dyes, pitch rolls, extrusion stems, pipe cradles, heat shields, and much, much more.

Local Town and Government Departments

We have become accustomed to supplying local towns and highway departments with steel and repair work. If you need some steel for any kind of project come to us because we will get you what you need quickly and correctly. If your department is trying to reduce costs, start by buying from a cheaper supplier like us.

Other Industries

We have experience servicing array of industries and projects. We have worked on various hydraulic cylinders and pump shafts. We have made pottery carts and bread carts, and distributed stainless steel to restaurants. We have worked on mixer tanks for raw materials. We have made core boxes, custom pins, hinges, riser plugs, scraper blades, and so much more. Also we have plenty of experience servicing tire and rim companies. We can repair wheel drums, hubs, truck axles, spindle shafts, and change rim widths.

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