“Come to Oaks Welding for Machining, Welding, or Forming Steel.”

Lathes: 9 in house lathes

Mills: vertical and horizontal boring mill

Band Saws: vertical and horizontal saws

Drill Press: variety of sizes

Welder: mig, tig, submerged arc welders

Rolls: bending rolls for plate forming

Brake Presses: 3 brake press, including a 700 ton press

Plate Shears: 2 for cutting wide steel plates

Presses: 3 presses including one 300 ton horizontal press

Cranes: 4 overhead cranes

Threading Machines: pipe and standard threads

Plate Burning Machines: custom cut rectangular, circle, or unique shaped plates

Bullard: vertical lathe

Iron Worker: quick notching, punching, shearing

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